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Carbon dioxide pipeline
Consultation hub

HyNet’s carbon dioxide pipeline will transport carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions captured from existing local industry, and the new HyNet hydrogen production plant at Stanlow, to be permanently stored offshore in depleted gas reservoirs under Liverpool Bay.

On this site you will be able to find out more information about our plans, and give us your feedback, during our consultation which runs from 9 February – 22 March 2022.

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We have also carried out a consultation on the hydrogen pipeline, another important element of the HyNet project. You can find out more by using this separate website:


Our current consultation

As the new-build CO2 pipeline exceeds 16km in length, it is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). This means that we need to apply for a special kind of planning consent known as ‘development consent’ which is granted in the form of a Development Consent Order (‘DCO’).

Since our first consultation on the CO₂ pipeline in the Summer of 2021, we’ve carried out detailed surveys and research to carefully narrow down our plans to one proposed route. We are now seeking your views on this final route before we submit our application to build the project. By having your say, you are helping us to deliver a project that will not only power our drive to net zero, but will also benefit the region for decades to come.

The carbon dioxide pipeline consultation is now closed.

Watch our short animation below on this process:

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Key consultation documents

To help you further understand our plans for this project, and to inform your feedback, there are a number of additional consultation documents to supplement the brochure above:


This document provides details on all of the potential impacts of the development of this project, and how these will be avoided, minimised or mitigated against.

Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) - ZIP, 453MB

Non-technical summary

This document provides a summary of the information that is in the more-detailed PEIR report

Non-technical summary - PDF, 1.3MBCrynodeb Annhechnegol - PDF, 1.3MB


Factsheet 1 (CCS) - PDF, 1.5MB Factsheet 2 (Hydrogen) - PDF, 0.5MB Factsheet 3 (Hydro economy) - PDF, 0.2MB Factsheet 4 (Consents) - PDF, 1.1MB Factsheet 5 (Net Zero) - PDF, 0.7MB Factsheet 6 (Needs case) - PDF, 0.8MB

Consultation brochure

This document outlines all of the information about our plans for the CO2 pipeline. Including the background of the project and the need for this part of it, how it will be developed, and details on how you can provide your feedback.

Consultation brochure - PDF, 14.1MBLlyfryn ymgynghori - PDF, 12.2MB


This document sets out how we have planned to consult local people and communities on our plans, and how we have worked with the relevant local authorities on the best ways of doing so.

Statement of community consultation (SoCC) - PDF, 1MBDatganiad Ymgynghori Cymunedol - PDF, 1MB

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Any comments submitted on the carbon capture pipeline proposals will be analysed by Liverpool Bay CCS Ltd (a member of the HyNet North West consortium and the company which will be the applicant for the DCO) and its appointed agents. Copies may be made available in due course to the Secretary of State, the Planning Inspectorate and other relevant statutory authorities so that your comments can be considered as part of the DCO application process. Responses may therefore be made public however we will request that your personal details are not placed on public record.  

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